Vatnahalsen is located in Aurland Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County.

The hotel lies at the top of The Flåm valley, 820 metres above sea leve. All transport to and from Vatnahalsen is by train (it is not possible to drive a car here). The Bergen railway from Oslo or Bergen brings you to Myrdal station, from here you can take the Flåm railway one stop to Vatnahalsen station, which is right by the hotel. You can also drive to Flåm and take the Flåm railway up to the hotel. This is one of the world's most spectacular railways, with panoramic views of a magnificent Norwegian mountain and fjord landscape.

In summer you can also get here by bike or on foot along the popular Rallarvegen from Haugastøl or Finse. It is possible to walk from Myrdal station to Vatnahalsen in the summer months.

Distances / Time
From Km Time (approx.) To
Bergen (train) 135,5 1t 55 min. Myrdal
Oslo (train) 335,8 4t 45 min. Myrdal
Flåm (train) 19,07 35/55 min. Vatnahalsen
Myrdal (train) 1,1 4 min. Vatnahalsen
Myrdal (walk) 1,6 20–30 min. Vatnahalsen
Bergen (car) 167,8 2t 30 min. Flåm
Voss (car) 66,8 60 min. Flåm
Oslo (car) 356,9 5 t. 15min. Flåm