Rallarvegen is the construction road used for the construction of the Bergen Railway more than 100 years ago, and it has been voted Norway's most beautiful cycle route, which also makes it one of the country's most popular bike trips. The iconic road extends from Haugastøl in the east to Flåm in the west, a distance of about 80 kilometers. The best way to experience Rallarvegen is to take the train from Myrdal to Haugastøl and cycle the route westward. From Haugastøl back to Vatnahalsen it´s 65 kilometers, and for those who want a shorter trip it is possible to start the trip at both Finse and Hallingskeid.

Rallarvegen starts in the high mountain and takes you over Northern Europe's highest mountain plateau, past the glacier Hardangerjøkulen, through Finse with its Rallar Museum, along elaborate rivers where the meltwater of the mountain flows freely, past waterfalls and through a classic Norwegian mountain landscape ending up at Vatnahalsen Hotel, where it´s possible to get a well-deserved waffle break before the trip goes on to Flåm via 21 tight hairpin turns, leading down to the lush Flåm valley.

Many choose to end the trip at Vatnahalsen and enjoy an after-bike refreshment in the sun, before eating dinner at the hotel´s restaurant with a view of the mountains. Those who choose to continue down to Flåm can take the Flåm Railway back to Vatnahalsen. The train has its own bicycle wagon.


Finse – Vatnahalsen = 38 km
Hallingskeid – Vatnahalsen = 17 km
Vatnahalsen – Flåm = 17 km