Fjellski Vatnahalsen


Strap on your skis right outside the hotel´s doorstep and enjoy a day of fresh mountain air, whether you prefer ski touring or cross country skiing. The area around the hotel provides excellent conditions for ski enthusiasts of all types. And with our new Ski Park for children and beginners, the whole family can experience the joys of skiing.

Fjellski Vatnahalsen

Vatnahalsen Hotel is located 820 meters above the fjord, surrounded by mighty mountains with peaks up to 1700 meters. The terrain is easily accessible from the hotel, and you can strap on your skis right on the doorstep. The area is located on the outskirts of Skarvheimen where the western and eastern weather systems meet, making it a snow-proof area throughout the winter. A little east of Vatnahalsen lies the glacier Storeskavlen that keeps the snow in the area consistently cold.

In the area around the hotel, there are several fine options for ski touring that allows for good skiing in most weather and snow conditions. A great and simple half-day or full-day trip suitable for everyone is the trip to Seltuft. The trip goes past frozen lakes and a stretch of the famous Rallarvegen, with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. If you only want a short trip, preferably in combination with a lunch break in the sun, you can take the trip down to the Reinungavatnet. The trip to Tarven is for experienced skiers, as is the trip from Hallingskeid over Vindhelleren to Seltuft and Vatnahalsen. We recommend asking at the front desk for tour tips.

If you want an experienced guide with you in the mountains, you can book one here. We are subject to the availability of guides at the given dates. We will get back to you with a confirmation. 

The price is for 2 days with 1 guide.